Painting & Decorating

Paints from Dulux & Armistead together with a full range of Sikkens wood coating products. We also offer a colour mixing service at all our branches.

We also stock Hammerite, Creosote and Creosote substitutes, turps, white spirit, cellulose thinners, Polycell products including fillers and adhesives.
Extensive range of Bostik products, general tools, sandpaper etc. are all readily available.

Blackfriars preservatives, Sadolin, Thompson Waterseal, Zinsser paints, linseed oil, bitumous paints, silicones.

Plus each branch hold a full range of Harris Brushes and application systems, so why not come and see for yourself and let us supply everything you need to decorate your living spaces, inside and out.

Colour and Paint Statement.

We will freely give assistance on all the products where individual knowledge exists, however we are unable to comment on any brands that we do not stock or sell.

It is important that you know that we cannot accept returns or refunds for specially mixed or tinted paint colours once purchased, whether they have been opened or not. This is because each colour is made to order and therefore cannot be restocked. Please note, all paints on this site will be mixed to order unless specifically stated otherwise. Paints purchased from other suppliers will not necessarily match those supplied by us and ready mixed versions of a paint will not match a mixed to order colour of the same name, number or code. If you have previously purchased a paint and need to replicate the colour, we recommend you purchase a tester or small quantity to check the colour is correct before committing to a large purchase. Please be sure that what you have ordered is the correct colour, shade and finish you require.

In the event of a colour dispute, you will be required to return all tins purchased at your own cost for analysis and inspection by the manufacturer. Results of analysis depend on the brand involved and can take many weeks. This is because the manufacturers will be looking to establish if there is a fault with a batch or if there is a problem with their paint. Once this analysis is complete and we have received the results from the manufacturer we will write to you with the findings of the report. No credit or replacement of the goods will be offered without prior receipt of the report and any subsequent settlement will be as instructed by the manufacturers and limited to and not exceeding the cost price of the goods. No settlement will be offered toward labour costs or any other loss in any circumstance.